American Ninja Warrior - Scott Behrends competes in national finals

The extended Behrends family travelled to cheer Scott on at the Seattle/Tacoma city qualifier/finals. (Submitted photo)

A Cedar Falls man with local ties recently made it to the Las Vegas National Finals of American Ninja Warrior. Scott Behrends, co-owner of the Ninja U in Cedar Falls, met the end of his run on Stage 1 of the Las Vegas course at the Jeep Tire Run obstacle. Behrends’ run in Vegas aired on NBC on Sept. 2.

     For Scott Behrends, American Ninja Warrior is a family affair. Behrends opened the Ninja U in Sept. 2018. The gym has since become the local hotspot for the ninja community–and a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of their fitness levels. Two of Behrends’ children have competed on American Ninja Warrior Junior as the Backyard Ninja Kids–and nephew, Chris Behrends of Clarksville, along with Levi Enright of Plainfield, have found success in various competitions as the Ninja Teens.

     The ninja experience began for Scott Behrends as he built obstacle courses for his kids.

     “It all started in my backyard,” Behrends said.

     His mother-in-law encouraged him to watch American Ninja Warrior. He never watched TV, but eventually gave in and tuned it to see the show.



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