You Can’t Beat the House: May term junior high drama club presents play

> The North Butler Junior High Drama Club presented “You Can’t Beat the House.” Front row L-R: Hailli Rewerts, Kerryn Weipert, Adessa Dralle, Yahni Woods, Ann Shafer, Lydia Kluiter, Taylor Wiegmann, Madison Ralls, Jacey Koop.Back row L-R: Ashton Fairhurst, Xander Treichel, Kolben Miller, Dawson Clark, Jason Brehmer, Carl Bacheldor, Klayton Adams-Blackdeer. The play was directed by MaTina Clark and Joe Strong (not pictured)(Submitted photo.)

During the first-ever North Butler May term, the junior high drama club presented the play, “You Can’t Beat the House,” in performances for the public and for staff and students.

     Burglars Merle (Dawson Clark) and Howie (Kolben Miller) have no problem breaking into a house, but find it’s empty—and for sale. When potential buyers Conrad Spears (Xander Treichel) and Glenda Spears (Adessa Dralle) show up, they pose as real estate agents to avert suspicion. More and more people find their way to the house, including the rest of the cast, portrayed by Madison Ralls, Klayton Adams-Blackdeer, Lydia Kluiter, Yahni Woods, Ann Shafer and Taylor Wiegemann. And they find that the house is haunted.

     “I’ve had trouble breaking into a house before, but this is the first time I’ve had problems breaking out again,” Merle (Dawson Clark) said.


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