Worth the wait: North Butler overcome delay to defeat N-P

North Butler quarterback Pacen Hendricks (14) runs behind the block of teammate Bryce Trees (41) during the second half of the Bearcats’ 20-0 win at Nashua-Plainfield. (Kristi Nixon photo)

NASHUA — North Butler head football coach Travis Miller didn’t get much sleep Friday night.

His team’s road opener against Nashua-Plainfield was delayed by weather, forcing the Bearcats back to Nashua to finish off less than a minute of the first half and finish off a game that they led 7-0.

Miller spent the rest of his night after the delay, he said, watching film and laundering the uniforms his team had to play in again the next day. He added that he had to launder them again in another hour’s time after the 20-0 win completed on Saturday.

“I would have much rather finished last night,” Miller said. “I know a lot of local schools did, so not a big fan of trying to rest, figure out and worry and wondering if you can get the kids fired up again...."

The full story appears in both Aug. 30 print editions of the Butler County Tribune-Journal and Clarksville Star.