Water rates and billing to change

Water will be billed on a monthly basis in Clarksville in the future.

Clarksville residents will notice a change in their water bills this year. The first change, effective in February, will be an increase in rates. The second change will be an adjustment from quarterly billing to monthly billing. This will be effective only after three readings of the new ordinances are passed by the council, and will tentatively start later this spring. The first of those readings passed unanimously on January 2.

     With the change to monthly billing, the required customer deposit goes down from $200 to $150. Shut-off fees will drop from $75 to $50.

     Water billing rates increase. The first 1500 gallons is now $12 each month, going up from what formerly was equivalent to $11 each month. Up to 15,000 gallons is $2.50 per 1000 gallons (formerly $2.25). Everything over 15,000 gallons is $2.25 per 1000 gallons (formerly $2). Sewer, which formerly was 75 percent of the water bill, is now 85 percent of the bill.

     However, rates for the storm water drainage system service stay the same. Instead of $21 per quarter, Clarksville residents will simply be paying $7 a month.


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