From trees to books: Borchardt reflects on 18 years at Trees Forever

Meredith Borchardt stands beside one of the many visioning projects that make Clarksville a better place. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Meredith Borchardt has been the face of Trees Forever in the Clarksville area for 18 years, serving as Trees Forever Program Manager and Field Coordinator. Recently, she decided it was time for a change, and took a position at the Wartburg college library.

     Over Borchardt’s 18-year career with Trees Forever, a rough estimate of the number of trees planted in projects she worked on is 21,000, with roughly 500-600 of those trees planted in Clarksville.

     Tree-planting, visioning and educational programming were three main focuses of her work with Trees Forever.

     But the best part of the job was the people. Her colleagues were great, as were the volunteers. Some people she worked on a single project with, but most she worked with year after year.


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