Tracy Freese Senate District 25

Tracy Freese will face Annette Sweeney in the District 25 special election Tuesday.

Democrat Tracy Freese decided to run against Bill Dix in the aftermath of a sexual harassment lawsuit that cost taxpayers $1.75 million after staffer Kristen Anderson was fired. She saw herself in Krsiten Anderson—as a working mother of similar age. Freese said she couldn’t have predicted Dix’s resignation and that she’d now be running against Annette Sweeney in a special election for the senate seat.

     As a small business owner, Freese is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility. As a mother of three kids just entering the public school system, she sees education funding as a huge priority. She also stands for restoring the rights of organized labor.

     Freese launched a global online marketing company in 2014 based in her home in Dike. She now employs seven people and has worked writing websites for over 3000 clients from 82 different countries. She also works as a fee-only Chartered Trust and Estate Planner. Freese is Treasurer of the Black Hawk County 4-H FFA Foundation and Chair of the Grundy County Democratic Central Committee.

     Where fiscal responsibility is concerned, Freese opposes tax giveaways to the wealthy.


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