Tennis court improvements considered

A plan to revamp the Clarksville tennis court at Volunteer Park was presented to the council by Cindy Wedeking and Maintenance Assistant Ryan McCully on Monday evening.

     In setting up the ice rink at the tennis court this winter, the maintenance men discovered that the tennis court is not level. It has a 14-inch drop from one side of the court to the other. Due to the slope, 20 feet of the ice rink couldn’t be utilized.

     “The ice rink is going great, but we couldn’t make it as big as we wanted to this year because the old tennis court is so un-level. We didn’t realize there was a 14-inch drop from one end to the other. We couldn’t go farther with the ice rink, even though it has that capability, because there would be no water on that end,” Wedeking said. “We’ve been talking about redoing the tennis court—digging the old out and putting a new tennis court in.”

     The improved court could be used year-round.The tennis poles would be removable, and the area could also be publicized for use roller-skating and skateboarding. Although no one complained when the tennis nets were down all summer, Mayor Val Swinton said tennis might become more popular if there was a decent court.


Read more in the February 7 edition of the STAR.


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