Supervisors discuss gravel roads

At the Butler County Supervisor’s meeting on April 30, it was noted that the week before, several residents had inquired about road repairs due to frost boils and potholes unlike any they had ever seen previously.

     The supervisors approved plans for rock resurfacing of various county farm-to-market routes. This will allow for the early start of a project that involves hauling 250 tons of rock per mile on approximately 97 miles of gravel farm-to-market roads (about 24,000 tons of rock total), as mentioned in a previous article. Letting for the project will be done this month.

     Engineer John Riherd said that farm-to-market funds are typically spent on pavements. Using those funds to improve gravel roads is taking an unusual but necessary step to address the current situation, as other funding was used in repairing flood damage last fall and there’s no funding left over from the snow budget.

     Other area counties are facing similar difficulties.


Read more in the May 9 edition of the TRIBUNE.



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