Snow removal ordinance and nuisances

The Clarksville council reviewed the snow removal ordinance Monday evening, and decided to revise it at the next council meeting to state that if snow is not removed within 12 hours and the city has to take action, assessed costs against the property owner will be at the hourly rate of the city employee removing the snow, with a minimum charge of $50.

     “I like the idea of a fine and stuff after 12 hours, but some older people got to find somebody to do that, and that’s a problem. I hate to see some of them, older people, who can’t get out there and can’t find anybody [fined],” councilman Kenneth Smith said.

     Police Chief Barry Mackey said that in every situation where, after receiving a notice, someone who is elderly or disabled has called in to say they couldn’t find someone to help them, he has helped those individuals find someone to do the shoveling for them. And in cases where that didn’t work out, the officers have scooped the sidewalks themselves. The elderly won’t be forgotten.

     “It’s still at your discretion, just because you put in that you can have a fine doesn’t mean your police chief has to issue a fine every time there is a violation,” City attorney Heather Prendergast said.


Read more in the February 7 edition of the STAR.


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