Saluting our Veterans: Edwin Eppley

Edwin “Bud” Eppley served honorably in the U.S. Army during World War II. (Bethany Carson photo)

This article is based on a paper written by Jeff Eppley, graciously shared by the family, and edited for clarity by Clarksville Star staff.

     Edwin “Bud” Eppley of Clarksville was drafted into the U.S. Army on June 23, 1944 and served until his honorable discharge on February 28, 1946.

     He was inducted in Des Moines and sent to Alabama for basic training with the 86th Infantry.

     The 86th Infantry (Black Hawk) Division was comprised of mostly selective service inductees. The average age of the entire division, including the officers, was 22 years old. The entire division was sent to Camp Cooke, California by September 1944 for amphibious assault training. This special training lasted three months and was conducted by the Marine Corps. Some men were chosen as bulldozer or caterpillar operators, others as flame throwers. Many were relieved when chosen for this duty because it meant they wouldn't get saddled with a BAR (Browning automatic rifle). 


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