Saluting our Veterans

With Veterans Day approaching, it’s time to take a moment to remember our heroes. Many names were mentioned of Butler County residents who have served their countries with honor.

     In this edition read the stories of Harvey Carolus of Shell Rock and Dean Deuell of Allison. More stories from local veterans will be featured in subsequent editions of the Star and Tribune.

Dean Deuell

     Dean Deuell of Allison served in the U.S. Army from Dec. 1952 to Nov. 1954. He was drafted at the age of 20.

     “Virtually everyone healthy went, and they were taking 18, 19 every month out of Butler County alone,” Deuell said. “You could take for granted if you didn’t enlist, you would be drafted. You were going to go. That’s the way it was. I took my physical in May and passed, was classified 1A, and then I was ordered to come in to the bus to Allison on Dec. 1. The bus stopped in Allison, took half a bus load, stopped in Grundy Center and was filled, and then went to Des Moines for swearing in.”

Harvey Carolus

     Harvey Carolus, who currently resides in Shell Rock, was drafted in 1943 and assigned to the Army Air Force. He was inducted at Clarksville, and sent to Des Moines for paperwork. From there, he was sent to Sheppard Field in Texas for basic training.

     “We’d get up early in the morning to exercise in the cow pasture. You might say it was how an athlete is building up nowadays, that’s what we did,” Carolus said.

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