The recognition he deserves: Aplington man awarded Silver Star

Stauffer Johnson, middle, was awarded the Silver Star, the military’s third highest honor, for his service in World War II. Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, right, presented Johnson with the Silver Star, as well as other medals he earned, at Maple Manor last Monday. His niece, Diane Buss, left, holds the medals. (Greg Forbes Photo)

APLINGTON - Discharge papers and a plain Army uniform from World War II raised questions by family about Stauffer Johnson’s service during the war.

   “We found his uniforms and it didn’t have any medals on it,” said niece Diane Buss.

   Calls were put out locally, and then to Sen. Joni Ernst’s office. Eventually, Johnson’s family discovered not only had he garnered a number of accolades in three years, but he was also the recipient of the Silver Star – the military’s third-highest honor.

   For some reason, Johnson had never received any medals, but that changed last Monday when Ernst presented him with the badges he had earned, including the Silver Star. 

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