A passion for living: a life of faith

Author and mother Ranae Krull stands with Isaiah Krull, a young man with a passion for living and a story to tell. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Many people don’t think twice as they walk past the greeter at their local Walmart, but at the Waverly Walmart, where many Butler County residents shop, things are different, especially when Isaiah Krull of Shell Rock is on duty.

     Who exactly is this greeter? Krull hails from Shell Rock. An offensive line-man on the W-SR football team, at the age of 16, he was in a severe car accident while working on a detasseling crew on July 27, 2008. Although doctors didn’t think he’d survive with a severe traumatic brain injury, much less function in every day society, this strong young man proved them wrong. He served as the impetus behind Isaiah’s Law, which requires teenagers to wear seatbelts in the back seat of a car. He has also served on multiple mission trips, and is the subject of mom Ranae Krull’s book Forever Changed (available on Amazon). He has a zest for living, and a passion for serving God and others.

     Chances are when you walk by, he’ll be sharing a smile and an encouraging word with one of the shoppers, his friends—and fans.

     “Has anyone else seen the greeter at Walmart in Waverly named Isaiah? He … fist bumps everyone who walks in,” Cody Johnston posted on social media recently. “Talked to him a little bit tonight, and he told me he loves what he does because he likes seeing people smile when he greets them. He’s one of my new favorite people! Be like him!”


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