A passion for guitars - Flammang Guitars of Greene

David Flammang works on guitars in his shop in Greene. (Submitted photo.)

Watching Maddie Poppe’s performance of Homeward Bound on the American Idol stage was a little extra special for David Flammang of Greene. His own handiwork, a custom-made Flammang guitar, was on stage.

     Maddie Poppe’s guitar was a spec guitar made eight years ago out of parts that came in the wrong size. 

     Flammang had listened to Poppe at the Greene River Days and enjoyed her CD. Not long ago, he saw Poppe’s Rainbow Connection performance on American Idol.  Listening from his cell phone, he thought her guitar sounded a bit thin, so he emailed her.

     “What you’re doing is a real contribution to music and songwriting, and if I can be a part of that, I’d love to [be],” Flammang wrote. “I’d like to have you try one of my guitars.”


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