Parade of Bands: A Jurassic music experience

Dinosaurs roamed during the parade of bands. (Bethany Carson photo.)



     North Butler students took guests back to the days of the dinosaurs in their third annual Parade of Bands with a Jurassic music experience Monday evening in Greene.

     As dinosaurs walked among them, the fifth-grade band started the evening off with tunes including Dragonfire and Long Long Ago. The sixth-grade band followed, with Cliff Ridge Overture and A Prehistoric Suite. Next was the junior high concert band with songs including Ancient Voices. The high school band played Highlights from Jurassic Park, Yesterday and Beyond the Darkness.

     The evening culminated with all of the bands joining in the Theme from Jurassic Park, and to the delight of the audience, a baby dinosaur joined the two older dinosaurs on center stage. The dinosaurs held a meet and greet near the door.


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