North Butler students take flight: Young Eagles program delights sixth graders

North Butler sixth grade science students enjoyed learning about aviation. (Bethany Carson photo)

Monday, Sept. 24 was an exciting day for sixth grade science students at North Butler. After studying aviation in class, the group took a field trip to the Allison airport where local pilots talked about flying, and showed the class their planes.

     Two North Butler sixth graders, Annabel Vieth and Erika Brinkman, winners of their class’ Young Eagles Essay contest, were given the chance to fly, and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

     Although the planes reached 155 mph, the girls didn’t think it seemed fast. They saw their homes and communities as they flew, and both would love to fly again.

     In class, students had learned key flight concepts like drag, lift and thrust. Pilot John Backer frequented the classroom over the first part of the school year to help demonstrate flight concepts.


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