In with the new? City counteroffers Dollar General

It’s anticipated the new Dollar General will be somewhat like the store (pictured above) built last year in Greene. (Bethany Carson photo.)

At the Clarksville city council meeting Monday evening, the council voted in favor of selling the four city-owned lots on Main Street to Dollar General. The city counter-offered $40,000 as the sale price.

     The vote was unanimous with one council member, Jeff Kolb, abstaining because of his involvement as Butler-Grundy Development Alliance Executive Director.

     Dollar General had originally offered $10,000 for the four lots. During the public hearing, the sale price was the first question Clarksville residents asked.

     Kolb said the assessed value was roughly $5000 a lot. City Clerk Lori Peterson said that roughly to date, the city has put $131,000 into the lots for demolition of the old buildings last year, deed work, attorney fees, etc.


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