For the love of books: Shell Rock welcomes new Assistant Library Director

Victoria Litwiller is the assistant library director at Benny Gambaiani Public Library in Shell Rock. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Shell Rock has a new assistant library director, Victoria Litwiller, and she’s passionate about books.

     Litwiller joined the staff at Benny Gambaiani Public Library a month ago. A recent graduate of UNI, the English major’s dream was to work at a library.

     “I love books, and I love interacting with people,” Litwiller said. “I’m passionate about reading, education and freedom of knowledge.”

     Her duties at the library are diverse. She researches which books to purchase, and tries to find books people are interested in. She wraps books, shelves books, and sometimes mails books for interlibrary loans. She also helps with planning programs and finding ideas to make the library more user-friendly and up to date.


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