Levi Ross is Clarksville’s new art teacher

Levi Ross is the new art teacher at Clarksville. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Pottery wheels are coming to Clarksville’s art class soon, as Levi Ross shares his passion for art with students. Ross, who also serves as an assistant football coach, believes that in both art and sports, success depends on how much you want it—and how much effort you’re willing to expend.

     To start the school year, he’s working with high school students on drawing still lifes to see where they are at—and will grade students off their progress throughout the school year. Elementary students are working on drawings based off of their activities this summer.

     “We’re excited this year to have two pottery wheels coming to the school,” Ross said. “None of these kids have ever worked with pottery on a wheel.”

            Ross always had a passion and a talent for art. He specializes in ceramic art and pencil drawings. In college, he also worked with glass blowing and metal snipping. While he was growing up, influential people in his life persuaded him teaching would be the perfect niche.  He graduated from high school in Grundy Center. Then he studied as an education major at Central College in Pella.


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