Hometown Entrepreneurs: Barnett Sheep and Wool

Barb Barnett enjoys working with her sheep in rural Plainfield. (Bethany Carson photo.)

If you’re looking for natural wool and yarn produced in your own neighborhood, look no farther than Barnett Sheep and Wool in rural Plainfield.

     Barb Barnett has raised sheep for nearly 20 years, and she has worked weaving for the past 30 years.

     In addition to yarn, she offers a full array of products: batts of wool, felt, hats, socks, mittens, sweaters and rugs. She also offers quilting and long-arming services, and does alterations for wedding and prom dresses as well as zipper replacements for winter coats and coveralls.

     Barb and her husband John Barnett moved to their home in rural Plainfield in 1998 because she loved the barn, and he loved the shed.  She wanted more room for her looms. The old house on the property had a roof that leaked, and it was some time before they built a house of their own.


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