HESCO barriers filled

Fire Chief Jon Myers and councilman Roger Doty level out sand in the barriers. (Bethany Carson photo.)

A total of 300 feet of HESCO barriers were filled on C33 near Lynwood Cemetery in Clarksville Sunday both as a training exercise and as a precautionary measure as Shell Rock River levels were expected to reach a foot below the 1999 level, but not expected to get into town.

     City workers, council members, firemen, police, Franklin County EMA and the flood committee were all on the scene to help with the process, and Greg Barnett of Barnett Excavating volunteered help with his equipment.

     “When we made the decision to put them up, we weren’t sure exactly what the river was going to do. We were pretty confident it wasn’t going to flood, but we were not sure,” Mayor Val Swinton said. “We wanted to be proactive. In case something did happen, we were ready for it, and we wanted to reassure the community we are ahead of curve.”

     Swinton believes setting up the barriers was a good training exercise, since the city of Clarksville had never done this before.


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