A good five years - Mr. Eckerman to bid farewell

Clarksville K-12 Principal Eric Eckerman will leave with many good memories of Clarksville. (Bethany Carson photo.)

It’s been five years since Eric Eckerman joined the team at Clarksville Schools as school improvement coordinator. As K-12 Principal, his goal has always been school improvement. After this school year, though, his mission will be complete.

     Eckerman recently announced plans to leave the district after the close of this school year to take a position at Premier Furniture in Waverly.

     “I think it’s a good opportunity at this point in my life. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one that will allow me to follow some other passions I have,” said Eckerman. “I tend to have a wide skill set, and I enjoy things from leading staff and being an instructional leader to building and remodeling, and I’m a people person. The opportunity just arose, and so after some conversations with the company, I found they were looking for somebody in education who understood the ins and outs of education. I decided to give it a shot.”

     In his new position, Eckerman will support schools going through the process of replacing old equipment such as whiteboards, desks, chairs and lockers.


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