Gearing up for football season: Roughly 58 sign for Bearcat football

Bearcat football players signed for the upcoming season on Saturday. (Bethany Carson photo.)

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success,” Henry Ford once said.

     That’s Coach Travis Miller’s motto as the North Butler and Clarksville communities come together for Bearcat Football this year. A room full of players met to sign letters of intent on Saturday, with coaches and family members in attendance. Another small group met to sign letters of intent last Wednesday. Roughly 58 players are committed to playing this next football season.

     “The opportunity that gives us to play at the appropriate levels is something we’ve never had before,” said Miller. “I told the guys Wednesday night that signed: 58 guys, that’s two busses going to football games. I know for a fact North Butler’s never done that. If Allison or Greene or Clarksville ever has done that, it’s probably been twenty, thirty years ago since that happened. This is really so exciting. As a coach, I get more and more excited every day.”

     The team is looking for parents to join a quarterback club to meet on Wednesday nights. The club will watch videos of previous games and of upcoming opponents and talk shop. Coaches will discuss the game plan, so when parents watch the game, they’ll understand what’s happening and why. Parents are also encouraged to share their ideas for improvement with coaches in the club.


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