Fokkena speaks with Business Law students

Habbo Fokkena

Local businessman Habbo Fokkena visited Clarksville High School on Sept. 24 to speak to the Business Law class.

     He discussed the federal and state judicial system in detail, sharing his personal experiences and knowledge from 43 years of practicing law.

     Students reviewed the basics of law—those who commit crimes in a given county, are charged in that county. There are different types of crimes from misdemeanors to felonies. And there are different levels of courts from magistrate court to district court, circuit court and the Supreme Court. While federal district court judges are appointed by the President for life, state supreme court justices are appointed by the governor for terms, and are voted on every few years.

     Fokkena said the Supreme Court turns down 80 percent of appeals, but often rules in cases where two circuit judges make contradictory rulings on similar cases.


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