Faces at North Butler: Meet Wendy Hansen

Wendy Hansen teaches kindergarten at North Butler. (Bethany Carson photo)

Kindergarten teacher Wendy Hansen has worked at North Butler for the past 23 years.

     A highlight this school year was a gingerbread man exchange where class members wrote letters and sent gingerbread men to a class in almost every state, and received over 40 gingerbread men and letters from other states in return. It was a good way to work on learning states with a map, and it was fun for the students to receive the mail.

     Another highlight was going to see the movie Peter Rabbit in Charles City last week. The class is planning a field trip soon to see the movie Curious George. Field trips are always a lot of fun.

     Mornings generally start with free time where students can choose from activities from building blocks and Legos to using iPads, drawing or coloring. Next, they talk about the calendar, weather and counting. Large group literacy is next, and students work on rhyming, the sounds of letters and sight-words. They read a story, and they talk about it. Then they work on practice sheets, and students do individual or small-group reading.


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