Faces at North Butler: Meet Patrick McAlpine

Instructional Coach Patrick McAlpine has worked at North Butler for the past seven years.

     This year he’s most excited about the introduction of a May term. For the first time, teachers will have the last two weeks of the school year to teach a class of their choice, thanks to the support of Superintendent Joel Foster and Principal Heather Holm.

     “Teachers can teach a class they are excited about,” said McAlpine.

     Classes are curricular-based and tie back to learning targets. Family consumer science teachers Mary Hanson and Renee Salge will be presenting a baking course. McAlpine and Beth Endelman will teach a course called “Adulting 101” focusing on the skills students need after graduation. Students will learn about topics including college, student loans, jobs, how to buy a home, planning for school for their own kids, and finding happiness in life.


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