Faces at North Butler: Meet Media Specialist Mary Junker

Mary Junker works as Media Specialist at North Butler Schools. (Bethany Carson photo)

North Butler Media Specialist Mary Junker’s goal is to share the love of reading with students.      

     “It’s the core of everything,” Junker said. “If they can’t read very well, they won’t succeed as well in other classes. It’s the foundation for everything. Reading is relaxing, and it should be fun.”

     As a media specialist and teacher librarian, Junker spends a half day each week at North Butler High School, a half day at Clarksville Schools, and the rest of her week at North Butler Elementary.

     At North Butler Elementary, Junker teaches media and technology, working with students from preschool through sixth grade. Each day, she has five or six classes. The classes alternate: one day is media, while the next day is technology.


Read more in the February 7 edition of the TRIBUNE.


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