Faces at Clarksville: Meet Spanish teacher Rick Sandifer

Rick Sandifer, high school Spanish teacher, believes that whatever you’re doing, you should do the best you possibly can. “Whatever your hand finds to do,” Sandifer said, “do it with all your might.”

Rick Sandifer is in his first year teaching at Clarksville schools, but after instructing in schools in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over twenty years, he’s be no means new to teaching.

     Sandifer and his wife both have family in Iowa, and they decided to move back to Iowa to spend time with their families.

     Sandifer was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He moved to Fertile, Iowa when he was six years old.  He attended Forest City public schools, where he graduated.  After high school, Sandifer enrolled in Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny Iowa, then transferred to the University of Kansas where he received his Bachelors in Secondary Education.

      Originally, Sandifer had thought of becoming a lawyer, but after meeting his wife (a teacher), he started thinking about education. 

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