Faces at Clarksville: Meet Katelyn Shaver

Katelyn Shaver believes the kids make Clarksville a great school. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Katelyn Shaver is Clarksville’s fourth grade teacher. Now in her second year of teaching, Shaver taught Title I last year, and this year she loves having her own classroom.

     Her day starts with making sure everything is ready to go. She uses Google Classroom to post announcements. The kids walk in and do their morning work by themselves. Normally that means two or three math questions to make sure they understand what they learned the day before. If the problems are wrong, then Shaver will know to review the topic.

     Next, the whole group of students joins her in reading on the carpet and discussing a book. Shaver works on vocabulary words with the students on the white board. The Daily Five comes next, and then students study literature in groups of four.

     Students work on math on computers with the Zearn curriculum where they move at their own pace through the lessons. Shaver gives them each a worksheet, and when they’re done, they check their answers on Google Classroom. At present, students are finishing the fractions unit and multiplying mixed numbers. While they’re waiting for the rest of the class to complete the assignment, students do homework, work on IXL Skills, multiplication math games or computer games that teach them skills.


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