Empowering Fitness

Angie Brouwer strives to inspire others at Empowering Fitness in Parkersburg. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Is it a challenge for you to stay fit while keeping up with your busy life? It once was a challenge for Angie Brouwer. Fitness was important to her, but driving to the gym in Cedar Falls every day for a workout with three kids in tow just wasn’t feasible.

     So, in January 2016, she started her own gym in Parkersburg to empower others in the community to get a good workout in without leaving town.

     At Empowering Fitness, at 203 6th Street, Parkersburg, Brouwer offers kickboxing and bootcamp style classes for all fitness levels. The classes include cardio workouts, weight training and strength training.

     “We really pride ourselves on our slogan, ‘We rise by lifting others.’ I feel this is a place anybody can come to, where they feel welcome, and they are encouraged,” Brouwer said. “All of the members are amazing, and they are always helping others. They’re more worried about that than about themselves. … You’re surrounded by amazing people who want you to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday, not compared to anybody else.”


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