Dralle's Department Store: 121 years in business and going strong

Jeff Dralle and Rick Ritter, owners of Dralle’s, both started their careers as carryout boys. Today they specialize in offering great service and great prices.

    GREENE— “Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing right,” Jeff Dralle’s father and grandfather told him.

    Apparently, that is advice Dralle has heeded. Dralle’s Department Store is celebrating 111 years in business this year, and it’s still going strong.

    Dralle’s offers all sorts of furniture, recliners, couches, beds, dressers, tables, and chairs, as well as home décor, clothing and suits, footwear, flooring, cards, and sewing supplies.

    Another word of advice from Grandfather Dralle was “You can’t sell from an empty wagon.” 

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