Courthouse spotlight: The Auditor’s office

From left to right: Auditor Lizbeth Williams, Mary Brouwer Mindy Pecha and Lisa Beadle. (Bethany Carson photo)

Butler County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Liz Willams loves her work and the county she serves, and along with her staff, strives for the utmost accuracy in fulfilling the responsibilities of the county auditor’s office.

     The auditor’s office is responsible for many different functions. As the hub of county government finances, the office manages payroll for the county, pays all bills, manages the county budget, handles the budgets and annual reports of trustees of the three county cemeteries, and acts as fiscal agent for the County Social Services 22-county region and for Early Childhood Iowa/Visions of Well Being. Williams serves as clerk to the county Board of Supervisors, prepares agendas, attends every meeting, keeps board minutes and publishes proceedings.

     She certifies city and school budgets throughout the county and calculates total tax levies based on those budgets, assessed value of property, and state and county, school, vocational school, city, fire and emergency, township and debt service levies.

     As Commissioner of Elections, the auditor is in charge of regular and special elections, preparing and supervising the printing of ballots and ordering all election supplies. The office conducts training for precinct election officials, conducts voter registration, certifies election results and maintains election records. Real estate duties of the auditor’s office include entering and maintaining records of all real estate transfers in the county. The office keeps plat maps and transfer books current, and works closely with individuals who deal with real estate transactions. Other miscellaneous tasks, such as processing liquor licenses, are also assigned to the office.


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