Clarksville works together to build playground

Volunteers worked all day Saturday building a playground in Volunteer Park. (Bethany Carson photos.)

A little wet weather didn’t stop over 20 Clarksville residents from beginning the process of building the playground at Volunteer Park on Saturday morning.

     Volunteers showed up bright and early and started out at around 8:30 a.m. by unwrapping the parts and pieces for the playground and figuring out the instructions. The parts crew sorted the parts. Another group assembled the framework for the swing set. Holes were drilled for playground equipment to be set in, and playground equipment was assembled.

     The crew, consisting of locals of all ages, from retired businessmen to high school students, worked a full shift in the intermittent, cool rain until 4 p.m., when missing parts made it impossible to proceed.

     The missing parts have been sent for, and a couple retired men in the community will work on the project later in the week once the parts come in. Next weekend, volunteers will likely be needed again to work toward finishing the playground. Work is expected to proceed more quickly now that some of the men have studied the construction plan. It’s important to finish before winter sets in, as concrete needs to be poured.


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