Clarksville, NB middle school wrestling program kicks off practices

Clarksville coaches Bob Goeller and Travis Holm give instruction with the North Butler and Clarksville middle school wrestlers gathered around them on Friday, Nov. 10. (Kristi Nixon photo)

CLARKSVILLE – Since Clarksville and North Butler wrestling programs have only recently agreed to share wrestling with North Butler hosting the high school program, Clarksville is the home to its middle school team.

Clarksville middle school coach Bob Goeller and his assistant, Travis Holm, are in charge of 14 total wrestlers from both schools which started practicing on Monday, Nov. 6.

After almost a full week of practice, the coaches said that the group has picked up wrestling with each other well.

“I think they are getting along pretty well between the two programs,” Goeller said. “We had a good start.”

The full story appears in the Nov. 16 print editions of both the Clarksville Star and Butler County Tribune-Journal.