Clarksville girls team on track to district: Meet Coach Brandon Zelle and the girls who keep Clarksville running

The Clarksville girls track team looks forward to competing in the district meet April 11. Front (L-R) Korri Wedeking, Darian Jacobs, Morgan Thompson, Makayla Hollub, Allyson Essink. Second Row: Janet Borchardt, Emma Poppe, Bailey Myers, Mallory Hoodjer, Kylie Smith. Standing: Coach Brandon Zelle. Other team members are not pictured.

    “You may think you’re tired. You may think you’re sore, but it’s all in your head,” said Makayla Hollub. “It’s a really tough sport. You have to push yourself, and you have to know your limits. It’s about mental toughness.”

    Hollub is a senior on the Clarksville girls track team, which has grown to include over 20 members. The team won the Wapsi Valley Invitational on April 24, the first meet the team has ever won. They recently finished second at the Iowa Star conference meet. The team will be competing at the district meet May 11, with hopes of winning their way to state.

    The team is coached by Brandon Zelle and assistant coach Ralph Longus.

    Training is grueling. Track has the longest season of any sport. 

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