Clarksville fire department conducts training burn at buyout home

Demolition of a sixth buyout home at 514 West Wilmans was the hot topic in Clarksville Sunday morning, as the Clarksville Fire Department conducted a training burn to bring the house down with a blaze. The home was slated for removal as part of the FEMA flood buyout program.

     Firemen met at the fire station at 8 a.m. and started working fifteen minutes later. The main fire was lit around 9:30 or 10 a.m. By the time the firemen had everything cleaned up and back at the station, it was probably 3:30 p.m.

     “We did a lot of interior fire attack training. We had groups going in two by two doing interior fire suppression work,” said Fire Chief Jon Myers. “It worked out well. We went through a couple different rooms to do an overall visual of the first floor and watch smoke build up inside the structure.

     Other training exercises included using hydrants for the water supply, cutting a hole in the roof for ventilation, and gaining entry through a locked door without ruining the integrity of the door.


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