From Clarksville to Des Moines: Ison represents Butler County at State Fair

Butler County Fair Queen Danielle Ison waves to the crowd at the Iowa State Fair. (R.D. Keep photo.)

Danielle Ison of Clarksville represented Butler County at the Iowa State Fair August 7 to August 12.

     For Ison, serving as the county fair queen isn’t about having the perfect dress, hair or makeup, it’s about trying to make a difference.

     “It was cool to walk through the fairgrounds and see all the kids’ eyes light up to see a ‘princess,’” Ison said. “That’s what being a queen is really about, not having a crown for people to look at, but you make a connection with a little kid.”

     She remembers the light in a little girls’ eyes when she asked if the girl was going to be a county queen when she grew up.


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