Christmas cheer sees record numbers

North Butler students helped package food items for Christmas cheer. L-R: Emily Edeker, Aeryn Anderson, Preston Swenson, Owen Almelien, Brooklyn Wix, Jordan Osterbuhr, Kerryn Weipert, Lydia Kluiter, Wyatt Anderson, Emma Wedeking and Kaycee Wiebke. (Submitted photo)

Butler County Visions of Well-Being President, Shawna Lebeck, reported that a record number of applications were received for Christmas Cheer in 2018, while donations remained steady, at almost $13,000. 

     Two hundred fifty-six applications were received, which was an increase of 93, almost one and a half times as many that were received the previous year!  While the group is pleased to be helping more households, it had to limit the types and number of items given for Christmas Cheer.  The amount of Butler Bucks given, along with the amount of meat had to be limited more than in previous years, and soaps and paper products had to be eliminated. 

     Despite those modifications, everyone was able to still be served and received a nice supply of groceries to help out during the holidays.  “Some years we have to do more with the same amount or less, and this was one of those years,” said Lebeck. 

     The Butler County Visions of Well-Being Group remains dedicated to providing Butler County households in need with a little support during the holidays.


Read more in the December 27 edition of the TRIBUNE.


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