Butler County Republican convention

The Butler County Republican convention was held on Saturday at the courthouse in Allison. (Bethany Carson photo.)

School safety, mental health and a variety of local and national issues were on the table as Butler County Republican delegates met Saturday for a convention at the courthouse in Allison.

     Many of the local candidates up for election in the Republican primary in June are running without opposition from within the party. Candidates who spoke at the convention included state representative and Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer, County Recorder Janice Jacobs and Treasurer Vicki Schoneman. Letters were read from other candidates, and others sent family members or supporters to speak for them.

     State representative Linda Upmeyer stopped at the convention after visiting the Franklin County convention and before visiting Cerro Gordo County.

     With a Republican governor and control of the house and senate, Upmeyer said this past year has been a historic year for the legislature.


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