Business spotlight: Fecht’s Repair

Fecht's Repair has been a feature of Allison's Main Street since 1946. (Bethany Carson photo)

Tony Fecht and son Trevor are keeping a family tradition alive at Fecht’s Repair on Main Street in Allison.

     “I’ve been coming here a long time,” one customer said. “If you want your car fixed, this is where to go.”

     Fecht’s Repair offers all types of automotive repairs, from engine rebuilds and brake overhauls to transmission repairs and work on exhaust systems, air conditioning and ties.

     The business was opened in 1946 by Tony’s grandpa, John Fecht. Originally a carpenter, John sustained hand injuries after being shot in Germany while serving during World War II. He was forced to change careers, and chose to become a mechanic. His son, Darwin, kept the business rolling, and Tony started working on cars at the age of 13 or 14, as soon as he started high school. Trevor, who also joined the family business as a high school student, is the fourth generation in the family business.


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