Boy hospitalized after touching power line

A 10-year-old boy was hospitalized on Saturday after touching a powerline north of Aplington.

     The child was hit with a 7,200-volt shock, but was conscious and breathing when the ambulance crew arrived. He was transported to MercyOne-Sartori in Cedar Falls in stable condition.

     According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Call for Service Record, several children attending a nearby family gathering were playing on a large stockpile of rock and sand owned by Butler County Secondary Roads. The pile, underneath the line, had just been added to this last week, and the boy was able to reach up and touch the high voltage power line.

     After the child was transported to the hospital, deputies used yellow police tape to surround the pile to alert others of the danger until the problem could be eliminated. Mid-American Energy shut off the power in the Aplington and Kesley area while the county worked to bring the pile down.


Read more in the May 9 edition of the TRIBUNE.



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