Be kind and be happy - Gerald and Anne Becker reflect on 50 years of marriage

Anne and Gerald Becker recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Gerald and Anne Becker of Clarksville celebrated their 50th anniversary on June 30, and their advice to others is to be kind—and be happy.

     The couple met in school in Clarksville. Although Anne had to move away in high school, she often came back to visit her grandma. On one of those visits the summer between their junior and senior year, she was walking in town when Gerald drove by and stopped to chat.

     Their first date was to a drive-in theater in Waverly. They went to a movie now and then—and often went out to eat at McDonald’s.

     “We spent a buck or two on supper. Hamburgers were 15 cents, fries were 15 cents and a drink was 15 cents. That was way before Big Macs,” Anne Becker said. 


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