Barnyard Battles

Bethany Carson


A little mud didn’t stop kids from throughout Butler County from having a little fun Sunday afternoon at the Barnyard Battles. Fifteen teams competed in a variety of events including the pallet pull, wheelbarrow relay, water tank relay, hay bale relay and egg toss.
     In the pallet pull, three teammates pulled a fourth teammate on a pallet while maneuvering around cones. The wheelbarrow relay called for even more teamwork and caution as teammates pushed each other in wheelbarrows to hay bales to collect eggs, returned to the start line, switched out teammates, and then safely deposited the eggs back on the bales without cracking them–or such was the hope, at least.
     In the water tank relay, teams raced to fill a large container across from the water tank–the only catch was the bucket they carried the water in had holes, and they only had 90 seconds to complete their mission. The hay bale relay involves traversing an obstacle course of hay bales, while, as in the other events, racing against another team. The final event was the egg toss, where teammates tossed eggs to each other, and the team with the most non-broken eggs at the end of 60 seconds was the winner.
     The teams donned a variety of creature costumes, and the Junior Girls team The Lemondrops won the Best Dressed Award.
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