American Tool & Engineering: Family-owned business to celebrate 25 years

Bethany Carson


Dedication to quality is what has kept American Tool and Engineering, a family business in Greene, going strong for the past 25 years.
     Recognized as a leader in the production of molds for the plastic industry, the company creates aluminum, wood, and renshape molds used to produce plastic parts for everything from MRI scanners to decorative plastic owls.
     Covers for street lights, heavy equipment parts, football helmet cushions, gun cases, instrument cases, refrigerator liners, plastic flower pots, floor mats for semis, air ducts, prison trays, water coolers and fuel tank molds for everything from lawn mowers to jet skis are just some of the wide variety of products created with molds produced by American Tool and Engineering.
     The company is owned by founders Jerry Taylor and Dennis Hobson. Hobson’s daughter Sonja Hobson and son Matt Hobson are also part-owners and buying into the business, with plans of perpetuating American Tool after their father retires.

Read more in the August 24 Tribune/Journal.

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