All about Ag: Meet NB Agriculture teacher Frank Kisley

Frank Kisley is the agriculture teacher and Iowa Big instructor at North Butler. (Bethany Carson photo.)

North Butler students will take agriculture head-on after the district’s decision to implement its own high school agricultural program and FFA chapter this year. Up to this school year, North Butler shared its agriculture program with the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock school district, with only two hours of ag instruction each day.

     Agriculture and Iowa Big North teacher Frank Kisley believes agriculture is the backbone of the Greene, Allison and Bristow communities and Butler County, to say the least, if not of the world.

     The most important lessons he hopes students learn in class are an appreciation for agriculture and an understanding of leadership.

     “Agriculture affects us all. We all need to eat in order to survive in this world. … Leadership is key to making the world a better place,” Kisley said.


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